Corey Zink proudly endorses Boucher Guitars

I sat and tried their fine instruments and was immediately blown away the quality and sound. I would highly recommend that you gives these folks a close look and when you strum your first Boucher you will no doubt want to become a member of their family of owners. I have owned my BG-152-I Bluegrass Goose Madagascar Rosewood Guitar since September 2017.  These instruments are simply amazing.

Keith Edwards proudly endorses Applied Microphone Technology Bass Microphone

AMT’s S25B brings out a tonal quality from my Kay Bass unlike any mic or pickup I’ve ever used before.  Both sound engineers and fellow bass players ask what I’m using to get that unique sound quality and tone while playing live shows.  When they look at the S25B, they instantly love how simple it is to mount to the bass and note how the padding on the clamping system protects the finish.  The consistent number of inquiries as to the mic I’m using is a testament to the high quality sound produced using the S25B.  In my opinion, AMT’s S25B is the best solution when it comes to micing an upright bass.