Gary Pomerleau

Gary Pomperleau

Gary Pomerleau is no stranger to traditional bluegrass and classic country music. His love for music and the stage show through in every performance. Gary began playing a variety of instruments at age 8 and soon developed his love for the fiddle while playing and listening for many hours to his father Joe.

Over the years Gary has played with some of the most loved and respected groups in the north east including Green Mountain Bluegrass and The Blistered Fingers Band.  He also founded the group 2nd Wind in which he played for nine years until joining the nationally recognized White Mountain Bluegrass for 15 years until the band retired. Gary is cousin to Corey was delighted when Gary became a full-time member in 2016. Since that time Gary has rounded out the sound of the band with his tasteful fiddle playing and vocals. Gary has brought the band to a new level giving the music the fresh new feel, quality and personality that so many Zink and Company fans love.