Corey Zink is a fine example of a dedicated “country boy.”  Corey’s roots to country/ bluegrass music run deep and wide going back to his grandfather, his parents, aunts and uncles all performing country/bluegrass music.  Corey “absorbed” their music and the music of many great performers from his early childhood and began playing and singing before age two.  He quickly became well versed with various instruments including mandolin, bass guitar, bass fiddle, acoustic guitar and any other instrument within his reach. 

It was when Corey entered his teen years it was apparent that his baritone voice would be one of his greatest gifts.  “That boy can really belt out a country tune as well as anyone I’ve heard,” is often the reaction from the audience.  However, his greatest talent was building quickly – his ability to “perform.”

His energetic stage presence ranks up there with the finest of entertainers.  He has become a master at “capturing his audience” with his music, commentary, comedy and interaction with band members.  He makes sure the audience is the greatest part of his performance and they quickly become close friends and part of his musical family.

Corey is also a great songwriter.  He has penned many songs depicting his life experiences and those experiences of others.  His country roots run deep along with his love of country/bluegrass music.  He has been inspired by many country artists including his idol “George Jones” along with Merle Haggard, Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Buck Owens, Verne Gosdin, Ricky Scaggs and Bill Monroe – just to name a few.

It’s quite evident after you hear him perform you’ll agree that Corey Zink is truly a great performer and down-to-earth “Country Boy.”