Lifetimes – Corey Zink


“Lifetimes” has been an extremely exciting project from start to finish. Beginning in the early 2000’s I began writing songs about my life, the lives of other people that I know, songs that talk about life experiences. I wrote about things like the birth of my first-born child, moving away from home, becoming my own Man, being a Husband and Father and Learning to appreciating what is important in life. I have written about how I have been affected by my own relationships and looking in from the outside at the relationships of others. This collection of my songs is mostly about my perception of things that life can throw our way involving happiness, joy, sadness, loss, love, and faith.  I have always liked songs that tell a story. Songs that touch the heart and help us reflect on good memories or encourage us to remain humble and Thankful for our Blessings.  This project soared to a new level when I began working with Dave Maggard and Signed on the Sound Biscuit Productions Label. The quality and passion that went into this project at the hands of the incredible team of engineers, musicians and Singers was more than I could have ever imagined. I am so grateful to all the guests on this album and especially proud to have captured these moments in time with my 12-year-old Son Mason singing harmony on some of the tracks.  This whole album is special to me for so many reasons. I am humbled and thankful to all the folks involved in making yet another one of my dreams come true. After listening to “Lifetimes” I hope that the listeners will get a good glimpse into the person I am and if in some ways, my songs touch even one heart or bring joy, I will consider this project a complete success.  -Corey


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